1. Getting Started

We help you obtain and Set up everything you need for your company.

Then we upload everything in the Transpro-Hub system and get you ready for growth.

  • Corporation

  • EIN


  • Insurance

  • UCR

  • BOC3

  • State Permits

  • And everything else

2. Plug Into Our Team

Just PlugIn to our service Pro that will help you operate & grow your company more efficiently, while saving you countless time & money. We put a team together for everything you need to grow & manage your trucking company.

  • Insurance Agents

  • Permit Processors

  • Driver Hiring

  • Equipment Sales

  • Marketing

  • Training & Tutorial

  • Mechanics & many others

The Pro Are Ready To Assist 24/7

  • ​Request services easily from our platform order & upload what you are missing

  • Track order progress receive a notification on new documents

  • Receive order delivery & approve

  • ​​​Rate work

  • Rinse & Repeat

3. We'll Help You Grow Your Company.

We'll find a Driver and Truck If You Don't Have One

  • We'll find a Driver and Truck If You Don't Have One

  • We'll set you up with our customers

  • We'll set you Up Team Support

  • Access to trainings

  • Much More!


Finding and adding drivers and owner operators is not that simple or else everyone would do it. But the good news is that you have us! We have a Database of Drivers and Owner-Operators that follow us


Low end- 80k -128k per month gross

Trucks average between $5-$8k per week.

Low end- $20k monthly. High end - $32K per month.

Times that figure by

4 (Trucks)


$4200 X 4= $16,800 per month

As the Company Owner, you subtract a percentage from your Owner Operators as your fee.

So let’s say you decide to take 20% from your Own Operator who consistently grosses 7k per week.

After 1 month you will have profited 5600 (all profit) from him. Now times that figure by 4!