STARTING & GROWING A Trucking Business Can Be Challenging!

It Doesn't Have To Be Anymore!

"WE makes it easy to Start & Grow your Trucking Company!"

Are Trying To START A Business But Don't Know How?

  • You are tired of working from 8-5 just to make ends meet

  • You Are tired of driving for someone else and they are keeping all the profit.

  • You have no time freedom because you are stuck in an office chair all day long

You Are Struggling To GROW your Trucking business?

  • You've started your trucking business but are not sure how to grow it.

  • You are struggling to find truck drivers, good insurance and to keep afloat.

  • You are always fixing your trucks and spending a crazy amount of money on repairs

  • You need help to do the things your trucking business requires but good employees are hard to find.

After I became a business owner, I came to realize how hard it was actually to run a business!

Tasks like Answering Calls, Day, Night Weekend. Then Selling my product; Followed by Managing and running the Operation. Then making sure I was getting paid, I had to do all the Accounting both Receivables & Payables, Collection, Claims, and the list goes on! I came to realize this was not an easy task; I needed HELP (EMPLOYEES).

After I started hiring employees, my life became more comfortable in some aspects, but it became much harder in others.

Now I had to deal with the same functions of the company, but now I added more stuff to the list things like payroll, taxes, worker compensation, training, instructions, and other things that came with it. I had no life of my own, I was always working.

I had two options, close my business, or make it better!

Transprohub Was Born!

Andy Acosta Founder | CEO Transprohub

An entrepreneur that worked his way up from being a factory worker to a flea market hustler.Started and experienced several businesses as a landscaper, trucking, Insurance, Realestate. Noticed all businesses were facing the same struggles and went through a journey to make owning a business better.

Here Are The Steps, How We Can Help You START & GROW Your Trucking Company

1. Getting Started

We help you obtain and Set up everything you need for your company.

Then we upload everything in the Transpro-Hub system and get you ready for growth.

  • Corporation
  • EIN
  • Insurance
  • UCR
  • BOC3
  • State Permits
  • And everything else

If you have a Trucking company already Setup Skip Step #1

DFY Trucking Saves You Time & Money

2. Plug Into Our Team

Just PlugIn to our service Pro that will help you operate & grow your company more efficiently, while saving you countless time & money. We put a team together for everything you need to grow & manage your trucking company.

  • Insurance Agents
  • Permit Processors
  • Driver Hiring
  • Equipment Sales
  • Marketing
  • Training & Tutorial
  • Mechanics & many others

The Pro Are Ready To Assist 24/7

  • ​Request services easily from our platform order & upload what you are missing
  • Track order progress receive a notification on new documents
  • Receive order delivery & approve
  • ​​​Rate work
  • Rinse & Repeat

3. Growing Your Trucking Company

Finding and adding drivers and owner operators is not that simple or else everyone would do it. But the good news is that you have us! A team that has a team and lots of connections and we make things happen! And we can help you grow.


How Much Will You Make With Every Truck You Add To Your Fleet?


Trucks average between $5-$8k per week.

Low end- $20k monthly. High end - $32K per month.

Times that figure by 4 (Trucks)

Low end- 80k -128k per month gross


As the Company Owner, you subtract a percentage from your Owner Operators as your fee.

So let’s say you decide to take 20% from your Own Operator who consistently grosses 7k per week.

After 1 month you will have profited 5600 (all profit) from him. Now times that figure by 4!

$4200 X 4= $16,800 per month


What Else We'll Do To Grow Your Company?

We'll Set Your Company With Our Customers!

Through out the year we have built a huge database of over 34,000 brokers and direct shippers that we'll be setting up to your company one by one . You'll see your list of customers in your portal, customers you can keep forever!

Trucking Operations

We'll Help You With All Aspects Of The Trucking Operations

  • Dispatch Service only
  • On Call Nights, Weekends & Holidays
  • Billing
  • Claims
  • And all other aspects of the trucking operation

Recap STARTUP Trucking 10X

Corporation & Permits

Let Us Handle The Hassle

Let us take care of all the governmental documents for you. With over 1000 companies opened under our belt, we know exactly how to do it fast & efficiently.

  • Corp
  • All Permits
  • & Others

Ready Team

Plug Into Our Team & Forget About Hiring

Hiring now days is difficult. Not only requires finding a good employee but also training them. With a knowledgeable team forget about hiring ever again!

  • Dispatchers
  • Permits Processors
  • Insurance Agents
  • On Call Nights & Weekends
  • Customers Brokers & Shippers
  • & More

Truck & Trailer

Truck, Trailer & Driver Leased

A Truck Can easily cost 70,000 and a Trailer 40,000. Finding The Driver is no easy task. We'll Put together all this for you.

  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Driver
  • Permits



Unlimited Trainings Access

  • Dispatching
  • Load Boards
  • Claims
  • Hiring
  • More


Documents & Forms

  • Company Policies
  • Driver Applications
  • Truck & Trailer Inspection Docs
  • more


Mentorship, Q & A Support

  • Dispatching Q & A
  • Incident & Accidents
  • Referrals
  • More


The Transpro-Hub Manger

  • Company Management
  • Driver Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Customer CRM
  • Expiration Tracker
  • Checklists
  • More


Load Board

We'll provide you with 30 Days FREE Trial of the loadboard we use!


30% Discount Marketing

We'll give you a huge discount to do your website, business cards and other material you need to pass along your customers.

  • Website
  • Business Cards
  • Postcards
  • Banners
  • More

How Can We Help You Start & Grow Your Trucking Company?

1. We'll provide Everything You Need To Start & Operate Your Trucking Business.

2.State Of The Art System & A Team Ready To Assist You

3.We'll help you add Trucks, Drivers & Owner Operators to your fleet

4.Our Shipper & Broker List

5. Trainings & Ready forms We use Every Day

The Result

DFY Trucking, The money-making machine!

Put it To The Test! If Your Are Not Happy We'll Refund You 100% Of Your Investment.

Want To Know More?

  • ​The Manager
  • The Pros
  • ​The Assistants

Find Everything You Need To Start & Manage Your Trucking Company!